What We Do

Social Media

Kollektif identifies the social media as reaching the real target audience with the right strategies. For Kollektif, the most important words in social media is “strategy”. It prepares social media strategies according to the positioning of the brands, and provides special content production according to the media dynamics based on the strategies. It believes in supporting the strategy with social media applications and extra modules to make the brands communicate with users in social media in a healthy way. It defines short-term and long-term goals for the brands and makes reporting for them. It puts itself in a stronger position by making analyzes of these reports

Strategy and Brand Positioning

Kollektif doesn’t mess with the DNAs of the brands. In every work, it tries to tell these DNAs to the target audience in a right way. It strengthens the value of the brand with right strategy and positioning. It does not accept a static brand perception. It updates its brands’ strategies according to the realities of the market, trends and ever changing consumer behavior. It firmly believes that being innovative adds to the value of the brand. But it definitely knows the differences between being bald and crazy and does not lead their brands into adventures.

Viral Campaigns

Kollektif aims to make people say “They pulled it off” by adding viral value to all the works it does. Its most important criterion in advergame, social media application, mobile application, video production and banner works is “Let it grow healthy by making it natural”. It adopts new approaches in viral campaigns, not the already tried ones. It creates WoM which is up to date, strong in humor and does not draw more attention than the brand itself.


Kollektif makes everyone play a lot with its advergames. But not for playing in vain. It tells its brand’s characteristics and its products benefits truly and strengthens its perception. It differentiates its advergames with new technologies and keeps the attention at peak all the time. It follows the gaming trends and develops Gamification based game setups. It not only creates traffic to the brand’s page, but also creates a powerful bond with the brand.

Mobile Applications

Kollektif shows its talent in the mobile media, which getting more valuable each day. Sometimes it makes the target audience send tweets while watching TV, and sometimes it integrates the campaign to the field with a treasure hunt setup. It strengthens the sales channels with the mobile applications which it develops according to the brand’s goals. It reaches the most effective result with the setups supported by the distinctive technologies. It creates “Big effects with small touches” in mobile marketing.

Integrated Applications

Kollektif works with the power of ten tigers on the field. Internet access is very broad now and interaction with the brands is possible every time everywhere. Kollektif uses all the advantages of the field and connects the target audience to the social media by reaching them. It starts with the right insights to raise the brand experience to the highest level. It collects data and defines quality content goals, which are very important to the brands, with the right applications. It searches for the technologies that have never been tried before and creates WoM stories which spans from the field to the digital.


Kollektif does not prepare websites only. It creates structures with powerful technological infrastructures that fits the design norms, that is modular and easy to use, which raises the brands’ digital prestige to the highest level. It carries its principle of “Working with perfect performance” for websites to mobile and tablet screens. From online sales to microsites and from corporate websites to portals, it builds its works with the spirit of the brand. Kollektif prepares websites for many brands from different business sectors and keeps on proving its success with the prizes it wins in this category.